Applied Magic is the IT partner that your company is looking for. We can provide you limitless solutions to every problem your business will encounter. You deserve top of the line service from the best IT Solutions and Consulting Company. Check out the solutions you can benefit from us.

Business Strategy Planning


We are a company that doesn’t just provide security for your system. We can also provide you the data needed so your business can grow. Through constant monitoring and compilation, we can present a detailed data report on what is the best areas to improve for more success.

Data Protection


We are best known for the data protection we provide to all our clients. We also make sure that your systems are always up to date and protected from hackers and breaches. As a company, the information you have is a vital tool that can be vulnerable to the competition. Through us, the storage up to the data itself is protected.

IT Consulting


Applied Magic specializes in providing technological strategies that can solve serious problems in your business. Why are we the most credible IT Consulting firm? It’s because we base everything on facts. All solutions and tactics we share go through series of data gathering and evaluation before we present it to all our clients.

There are a lot more things we can solve for you. If you want to know about the solutions we can provide. Send an email at solutions@appliedmagic.com.