5 Common Roof Repairs You Should Watch Out For in Vancouver

new flat roof getting installed in VancouverThe main function of your roof is to protect everything underneath it from your belongings to your family or employees. However, like everything else roofs eventually will wear out even with the best construction and design and will require some sort of roof repair by an experienced roofing contractor who is familiar with the various roofing materials and applications. Especially for residents of rainforest-like climates such as Vancouver BC where they have certainly had their share of ‘leaky condo’ and other issues due to rain and moisture getting past the roof.  Here are 5 common types of roof repairs you should expect.

1.    Ice Dams

During the cold months, rain and snow can settle along the edges of your roof and create an ice dam. This dam is a barrier that allows the precipitation to stand along the roof. The dam can pave the way for tremendous damage either now or in the future if it is not cleared away.

The best way to prevent ice dams from forming is to ensure that you keep your gutters clear throughout the year. You can hire a professional roofing contractor to come fix the damage if it has already happened or clear the gutters if it has not.

2.    Loose Shingles

Shingles will eventually require replacement regardless of the type of shingled roof you have. Shingles can loosen or even break due to a variety of reasons. Too much rain and high winds are two good examples. Even if the shingles don’t get damaged, all the loose ones should be fixed in place to ensure that the elements don’t destroy your entire roof frame.

3.    Cracking and Blistering

Roofs develop blisters, ridges, and cracks especially after a lengthy duration. However, the probability of seeing such damages depends on the type of roof that you have installed. For instance, roofing made of several layers and covering relatively flat surfaces will be particularly vulnerable to cracking and blistering.

4.    Leaks

Damage to the underlying roof frame and roofing materials will allow the dripping of precipitation into your attic and through the ceiling. Leaks usually develop due to tree limbs and hail dropping on your roof or simple due to the improper installation of roofing products.

5.    Flashing Issues

Flashing is an aluminum material used to seal specific areas along the roof such as areas around protrusions such as chimneys and in valleys. Once the flashing is firmly in place, it allows the water to shed away from the areas and minimizes wood rot along with the deterioration of roofing. One of the commonest types of roof repairs involves the flashing that is starting to work loose. It is most likely to be required after a prolonged period of bad weather involving high winds.

Final Thoughts

Roof repairs are inevitable regardless of the quality of construction or type of materials. The best way to find out whether your roof requires any repairs is by performing inspections. Inspections help you detect the need for repairs before a significant amount of damage is done.

Find a professional roof repair contractor to come perform annual inspections as well as inspections after a major storm. Identifying problem areas and repairing them in timely fashion will protect your investment in your roof and everything contained under it and ensures that it will serve you for a long time.  As we mentioned above, people living in a more temperate, or humid locale need to pay attention to these issues.  In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Pacific West Roofing & Exteriors is regarded as the top roofing and maintenance company for both residential and commercial buildings – contact them for your next roof emergency, and visit https://www.pacificwestexteriors.ca for more information.

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