Automate Roll Conversion using a Slitter Rewinder

The large industrial slitter rewinder machines for converting various kinds of paper rolls and other products have evolved throughout the years. You can now find high speed and fully automatic slitter rewinders for surface, coreless and center applications. You can get both standard and custom slitting and rewinding equipment to convert various roll products.  These machines help to maximize floor production for the pulp & paper industry and the newest machines can cut down a full-sized paper, tissue, or towel roll into smaller rolls very quickly in one single pass using a large blade.

Today’s slitter rewinders now fully automate the conversion process for various products. The full cycle is independent of any involvement from operators beyond setting up the initial parameters of the final desired specifications. The automatic winders are custom engineered to provide the best benefit to the production process.

Features of a Slitter Rewinder

These machines are equipped with fully-automatic turret rewinder. This reduces the time necessary for a finished roll change. They provide high-precision slitting and winding technology, and cut-down capabilities for various types of materials, even foil. The quality of the finished roll quality is outstanding. There is a roll removal system as well that is automatic and hassle free. You get exact electronic control of rewind tension and contact pressure. It has short web run after slitting. This condition is best for roll separation and quality of edge. It uses modern operating concept and A.C. drive technology. There is controls system with modern PLC, bus technology, touch panel, etc. These machines are fast and they are flexible so that it is possible to convert new materials any time. They can meet the production volumes demanded by customers who need a high production volume.


Today’s slitter rewinders offer customers solutions for tasks in the manufacturing and converting of paper and board. The top paper manufacturers in the world use this machine to convert papers. The latest technology now allows these machines to convert any kind of paper and board. They can convert even pressure sensitive papers like technical papers, filter papers, thermal papers, fine-art papers, laminated papers, bank note papers, cigarette papers, coated papers, uncoated papers, printing papers, etc.

Why is it necessary to use this type of machine in a paper production plant?  The large, industrial-wound rolls are extremely heavy and are of one size – this machine takes those rolls and cuts them into smaller pieces such as receipt or ATM width paper and rewinds them again into the finished roll – or if you use a RollRazor machine, this is accomplished in one single pass without the need for unwinding and rewinding.

The slitter machines are continuously developing. The machine’s portfolio is increasing and they can be used for a wide range of applications now. By automating roll conversion using a slitter rewinder, it is possible to get products faster, with high precision, excellent quality and increased capacity. The machines are reliable and operator friendly. They have increased production efficiency and energy saving capability, thus reducing the overall cost.

It is also possible to get customized machines to suit your needs. With these machines you will be able to adapt quickly to any changing needs. You can add extra automatic features to suit your needs as well. So, buy a slitter machine today to achieve better production in your paper plant and you’ll realize large savings over time.  This is especially true if you utilize the technology offered by RollRazor – what it can achieve in a single-pass is unlike any of the other, older technology machines on the market today.  Find out more on their site at http://rollrazor.com today.

The 3 Benefits You Can Get If You Hire An IT Consulting Service

Entrepreneurs pay millions of money to hire an IT Consulting Service because they know that it is one of the most useful and beneficial investments they can get. Check out the benefits your company can get if you hire an IT Consulting Service. You’ll be surprised that it can do a lot of things that we may not realize.

1. Financial Savings

Think about all the funds you can save if you hire an IT consulting service versus an in-house employee. You will not have to worry about the extra taxes and employee benefits that you are entitled to provide. Aside from that, you will have the luxury to pay the consulting service firm based on the project that they will complete or on a per hour basis depending on your terms. No need for you to pay when the employee is doing nothing.


2. Availability

Unlike others who will have a specific time for work, an IT consulting services can provide you their services anytime you need it. It doesn’t matter if it is a weekend or even on holiday, you are assured that there will be people who will protect the systems from any attempt of data breach anytime of the day.

3. Managed Data

It is the new trend of the business. People use the gathered information to create the best strategies and techniques to get the right formula for success. Through the data managed by an IT Consulting Service, you will know the exact approach that needs to be done to generate more income. The good thing about it is that there will be a detailed analytical report that goes along with the information to explain things better.

It is time to step up your business a notch higher. Start your success through the help of an IT Consulting Service. No one knows if your company is the next big thing in the business industry.

How To Pick The Right IT Service Provider For Your Firm

If you own a business and set a plan for all the investments you will make, I’m sure that IT systems are on the list. Why not? It is an important tool in the business industry. The question now is how you can pick the right IT service provider for you company. We all know that it is one of the in-demand fields these days and there are a lot of firms who can promise you numerous things about their services. It’s not easy to find a reliable provider most especially today that technology is all that matters. Check the things that can help you out in picking the perfect service provider for your business.

Certification and Experience

With thousands of companies out there, they will all promise you the best things that they can provide, but not all can live up to their words. Before you sign any contract with any firm, it is important that you check their credentials and the kind of experience they have. See to it that they already have a similar background to the kind of service you are looking for. You should also check the training and certification they went through because it is necessary that they are updated with the latest technology. Always remember that once you hire them, they will have access to the most valuable information that your company has. Make sure that you select people who are trustworthy.


Flexibility and Payment

Of course, you are running a business and not throwing money for nothing. It is a must that you discuss the payment terms for the services that you are trying to acquire. Also, the company that you will be hiring should have flexible terms regarding the workload and the luxury of time that they will allot for your business. You should always consider the best interest of your business when you hire an IT service provider.


Put in mind that the cheapest service is not always the best deal you can get. Sometimes, the quality of service you get is the same as the price you paid.

3 Reasons Why You Need An IT Support For Your Business

Even if you are just beginning your business or you’re already an established entrepreneur, it is important that you have an IT support for your company. Today’s generation is way more updated, and it works in a fast phase environment. Technology is becoming a basis of business success. Every company needs an IT support and here are the reasons why.

1. Setting up IT systems and network

Most companies spend an enormous amount of money investing in the systems they will use. It is an integral part of the enterprise because it will be the source of information and it is how all your employees will be productive with their work. Setting up servers and systems is not easy. It doesn’t work as if you are just plugging something into an outlet. It is complicated, and it needs to be done properly to avoid any problem.


2. Diagnosing Problems and Fixing It

We can’t deny the fact that there will be issues that will arise in a company. It is critical that you have an IT support during this time. Any problems that concern your system can cost your business a huge amount of money. Your people will not be productive, and they will be left with nothing to do while you are still paying them.

3. System Maintenance

Setting up the systems in your company is not enough. The servers and software installed need the right maintenance to keep it running smoothly and updated. If you are not able to maintain it properly, you might be facing numerous downtimes and system crash that can put your company at risk.


If you are in the business industry, it is a must that you have an IT support. It is how you can achieve success because the technology plays a significant role if you want to be on top.